Induction booklet


Henry VII 

  • Welsh 
  • Spent most of childhood in Britanny,France 
  • Only family is mother (Margret Beaufort) 
  • Won a decisive battle and killed the previous king (Edward IV) 
  • Married a Yorkist (Elizabeth of York) 
  • Claim - great great grandson of Edward III 


The Royal household - looked after domestic needs of the king and travelled everywhere with him , also members of Court 

The Privy Chamber -  Monarch's private rooms , access was controlled by the Lord Chamberlain 

The Royal Court -  Entertained the King and offered whatever company he wished, and to be a good advertisement for him. 

The Groom of the Stool - Assisted the King in excretion and ablution 

Justices of the Peace (JP's) - respinsible for keeping law and order in localities 

Parliment - group of people the King called to meeting when in need of extra money 

The Privy Council - gave the king advice , dealt with grievences and were usually nobility , church, lawyers, royal household officers. 

The Tudor Monarchs used a far more personal…


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