Individual Roles of Trade Unions


Individual roles of trade union leaders 

Ernst Bevin 

  • Led the national transport workers federation from 1916
  • Essential to forming the triple alliance in 1914 
  • Also helped during the war, leading strikes against dillution in 1917 
  • However he was often percieved as too rough, failed to gain a seat for Bristol in 1918 
  • Also was seen as having little manners, in Labour government he often chewed with his mouht full 

James (Jimmy) Thomas 

  • Formed the National Union of Railwaymen in 1913
  • Also became MP for derby in 1910, very strong parliamentry influence 
  • Thomas was seen as a good dealmaker by the government, worked with Lyod George in the 1916 coalition government 
  • However miners often distrusted him, Black Friday in 1921 where


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