In christain society men should have authority over women - discuss


"In Christian society, men should have authority over women." Discuss
Supported by the Bible:
Genesis 1 and 2 show how God made the world and how he made Adam and Eve, for Christians these passages set the foundations that for the ideas that in society men and women have very different responsibilities. Eg - Ephesians (5:22) Sets out guides for Christian households, the husbands leadership is like christs of the church. "Wives submit to your husbands as you do the Lord." Adam was created 1st and then Eve was created from Adams rib as his helper. The events of the Fall and Original sin suggest that women are the weaker sex because eve gave into temptation first - need the protection and authority of men.

Still upheld by the cAtholic church:
still fundamentally interpret the Bible as it has ultimate authority "We must obey God rather than conform to modern trends." Still teach women should - bring up children, run a moral christian home and submit to their husbands in exchange for love…


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