Improving EWT- The cognitive interview


Improving EWT- The cognitive interview

  • Because of the importance of EWT within the legal system and the serious repercussions when it goes wrong, psychologists have tried to develop methods for improving accuracy of EWT
  • CI is a procedure designed for use in police interviews that involve witnesses
  • Fisher and Geiselman recommended that police interviewing techniques should be based on psychological insights into how memory works

1. Report everything

  • Witnesses are encouraged to include every single detail of the event, even though it may seem irrelevant or the witness does not feel confident about it

2. Reinstate the context 

  • Mentally reinstate the contextof the event
  • Recall the scene, the weather, thoughts and feelings at the time

3. Reverse the order

  • Events should be recalled in a different chronological order to the original sequence
  • This is done to prevent people reporting their expectations of how the event must have happened rather than the actual events
  • It is also used to prevent dishonesty

4. Change persepctive

  • Try to recall the event from different people's perspective
  • This is done to…


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