Impression formation of others

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Whenever we meet someone new, we compare the informatino we recieve about that person, such as what we can see, hear or smell, with out memories of experiences with similar people. Such memory structures are known as social schemas.

FRISKE AND TAYLOR 1991= A social schema is a mental framework for representing informatin about oneself, other people and specific and common situations and events.

There are 4 types of schema

Self schemas- knowledge about the self based on past experiences

Person schemas- mental representations about the personality, traits and motives of other peoples They enable s to know what to expect from other people. They are likely to include stereotypes.

Role schemas- expected behaviour of individuals who hold certain positions in society for example a mother is caring.

Event schemas- the expected sequence of events that are likely to occur in a specific social situation, for example, what to do in a restaurant (knowing the events that are supposed to happen like paying at the end).


process and organise large amounts of info quickly

enable the individual to know what to expect in social situations and from certain types of people and help us to decide how to behave.


gave particiants a story to read about


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