Important Film

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Important Film

You know when the sweat trickles down the back of your neck, even though the fan’s supposed to be breathing out icy cold air into your face? When ice cream melts just when you think about taking it out of the freezer, and you can physically see heat waves skipping along the pavement? The couple to get you through the oppressive heat are Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. I could choose Regina George and Cady Heron. But no. The duo can’t quite match the magic that High School Musical captures; it guarantees “A Night To Remember”.

The plot never fluctuates. Boy meets girl, jealous girl tries to split them up and succeeds, but then boy and girl sing a romantic duet and end up back together. In any other film this would be a cliché, tiresome plot. But the snappy songs, spirited characters and vibrant school the films are set in make it seem new and fresh.

Instantly, as soon as I saw the final film, I knew Kenny Ortega’s trilogy was “What I’ve Been Looking For”. I had never seen three films so nostalgic before. I still haven’t. Whenever I watch one of these treasures I fondly remember standing in a circle with my best friends on


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