impacts of volcanoes

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Impacts of Volcanoes

People living near a volcano can be seriously affected if it erupts, but plenty of people keep living near them. The reasons why people continue to live around volcanoes despite the hazards are exactly the same as why people keep living in areas prone to earthquakes. But there are a few reasons why people choose to live close to volcanoes:

1) The soil around volcanoes is fertile because it's full of minerals from volcanic ash and lava. This makes it good for growing crops, which attracts farmers.

2) Volcanoes are tourist attractions-loads of tourists visit volcanoes so lots of people live around volcanoes to work in the tourist industry.

3) Volcanoes are a source of geothermal energy, which can be used to generate electricity. So people live around volcanoes to work at power stations.

Volcanic eruptions have primary and secondary impacts.

The primary impacts of a volcanic eruption are the immidiate effects of a volcano


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