Impacts of the Railways in Britain.



  • Abolition of different time zones within the country.
  • The growth of national newspapers which could be printed in London by midnight and be distributed throughout the country the following morning.
  • The growth of the Royal Mail.
  • Building of suburbs for city commuters.
  • Building of new towns - Crewe and Swindon were based on the railway industry.
  • Development of seaside resorts - the decrease in working hours also meant factory workers had the time for holiday breaks in places like Southport and Blackpool which were within an hours journey from the textile mills of Lancashire.
  • Growth of the professions and the engineering industy.
  • Changing of the landscape with embankments, bridges and stations; the construction of London terminuses such as Euston, King's Cross and Paddington also involved the destruction of large amounts of housing.
  • Social unrest when tthe turnpike trusts were forced…


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