Impacts of global warming - The Arctic

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The Arctic is under threat from global warming as it is causing the sea ice to melt. In 2006, NASA reported that the amount of permanent sea ice decreased by 14% between 2004 and 2005. At current rates, 50%-60% of arctic sea ice will be lost by 2100. This has many impacts on The Arctic.


  • The tree line has moved north and also to higher altitudes
  • Tundra ecosystems are lost as they live in intense cold
  • Permafrost thaws out
  • The spread of species such as the spruce bark beetle in Alaska are changing the food chain
  • Northern coniferous forest fires are increasing in number and extent (10 million hectares burn each year)
  • Oil spills are increasing as permafrost is melting and the amount of ships carrying oil through the sea is increasing


  • Reduced hunting season for the polar bears as ice melts faster
  • Polar bears are more susceptible to disease and are less likely to


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