Impacts of global warming on UK and Egypt (Case Study)

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Thermal Expansion - the sea expands as it warms up causing sea levels to rise


  • LEDC - politically unstable
  • Located in Northern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • 99% of Egypt's population live on 5% of the land by the River Nile
  • Grows large amounts of crops that are irrigated using the Nile's water

Global warming mpacts on the UK:


  • Warmer summers - tourism, hot weather means new fruits e.g. Devon - olives/kiwis
  • Milder winters - less diruption, less deaths, cheaper because less grit and heating used


  • Drought - affect farming
  • Less snow in Scotland afeects animal adaptations
  • Floods
  • More intense rainfall
  • Thames barrier is…


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