Impacts of Global Warming - Africa

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Africa is steadily warming. The continent as a whole is 0.5 degrees higher than it was in 1900. This poses many problems for Africa such as droughts, rainfall decreasing, flooding and diseases such as cholera.

Africa is a very vulnerable country as it is an LEDC. It's economy is largely based on agriculture which depends on rain for it's growth and if droughts occur then Africa is at threat from losing all of it's farming land. Rainfall is decling in the areas that need it the most which makes Africa even moe vulnerable.


  • As rainfall decreases, competition for water will arise between countries
  • Fragile habitats may not survive
  • 20-50% of species in Africa could face extinction
  • Low-lying islands are vulnerable to sea level rise
  • Cities roads and infastructure are at…


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