Impacts of Climate Change in the UK

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Impacts of Climate Change in the UK

-          Temperatures in the UK have risen by 1oC since the 1970’s and further warming is inevitable over the next few decades.

-          There is a major flood risk in the UK, of lowland areas like the Solway Firth with is at or below sea level, (mainly from heavy downpours) which threatens the biodiversity and natural habitats. Britain will change shape over the next 50 – 100 years.

-          Extremely wet winters could become 5 times more likely in the next 100 years, with more intense downpours which leads to increased risk of flooding alongside risks from sea level rise.

-          The damages from flooding alone could increase costs to between £2 billion and £12 billion by the 2080’s, this is over 10 times the amount today.


-          At the moment, 330,000 properties are at risk from flooding. Climate change could increase this to between 630,000 and 1.2 million but the 2080’s.

-          UK could experience warmer, drier summers in the future,


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