Impacts of changing work patterns

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Advantages of teleworking:

  • Parents can work from home saving money on childcare
  • Less traffic congestion and pollution because people aren't travelling
  • Less stress from commuting
  • People can connect with people and colleagues who they have never met

Disadvantages of teleworking:

  • People working from home can find it hard to switch off from work
  • Can be difficult to motivate an organise home workers
  • Less contact with your boss so may miss out on promotions and opportunities

Advantages of Flexible working:

  • Allows thos who want to work part time to find work
  • You can work the hours that you want
  • Less absenteeism and sickness because employers are happier

Disadvantages of Flexible working:

  • Lots of part time workers/flexible workers can be disruptive for oragnisations that need stable staff
  • Potentially lower wages earned if working…


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