Impacts of changing work on people and places

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Positive impacts of deindurtialisation:

  • There was a reduction in demand for energy to power machines
  • There are areas of land available for development
  • There was a decline in  the consumption of water in the industrial processes
  • There was a reduction in noise and air pollution with the factory closures

Negative impacts of deindustrialisation:

  • Large areas od derelict and vacant land
  • There are many empty factories
  • The areas of pollution are hard to clear up
  • The infrastructure has decayed, especially roads

Redevelopment of N&N hospital Greenfield site:

Before Redevelopment:

  • Big unused area
  • Old hopsital was too small so they needed new area

After Redevelopment:

  • Hospital
  • Science Park

Redevelopment of Chapelfield Brownfield site:

Before Redevelopment:

  • Chocolate factory

After Redevelopment:

  • Retail
  • Shopping Centre

Redevelopment of Riverside Brownfield Site:

Before Redevelopment:

  • Full of industrial buildings
  • Most deprived district in East of England
  • Shoe factories, mills

After Redevelopment:

  • Retail - entertainment
  • Flats

Brownfield site - all previously developed (built on) land whether in urban or rural locations

Greenfield site - all previously undeveloped (never been built on) land whether in urban or rural locations

Advantages of Brownfield sites:

  • Planning permission is…


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