Impacts and analysis

To get the top analysis marks you should be able to show impact on a business. As was mentioned in an earlier resource, dont fall into the trap of better or worse profit and revenue. Actually think about different functional areas. Analytical consequences

Impact on marketing

  • demand
  • sales volume
  • sales value
  • market share 
  • brand loyalty
  • competative advantage
  • marketing budgets
  • price elasticity
  • product life cycle
  • the need for new product development
  • effectiveness of pricing strategys
  • porters five forces - buyer power - supplier power
  • acheivement on marketing objectives
  • effectiveness on a firms marketing strategy
  • customer retention

impact on human resources

  • labour productivity
  • employee cost as a percentage of turnover
  • labour cost per unit
  • employee engagement - hackman and oldman
  • trade union
  • motivation
  • employee retention
  • labour turnover
  • organisational design
  • centralisation vs decentralisation
  • need for training
  • pay methods

Impact on operations

  • unit cost
  • quality
  • spead of…


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