Impact of Watergate on American Policies


Impeachment- A formal process in which an offical is accused of unlawful activity, the outcome is accused of which depending on the country, may include the removal of that offical from office as well as criminal or civil punishment

Why did he resign?

Nixon resigned on the 8th August 1974 for a number of reasons:

- Money, if he resigned then he would secure his presidential pension and staff expenses, impeachment wouldn't

- fear of criminal prosecution

- House Judicary Committee promised no further charges if he resigned

- Doubted continuing support from Republican senators e.g. initial support from Goldwater

- 66% of people supported impeachment

How and why was Watergate important?

1. First president to resign whilst in office

2. Viewed as president with a 'villionous reputation'

3. Melvin Small regarded Nixon's administration as 'the most scandal ridden administration in American History'

4. Key charge against Nixon- abuse of presidential power

5. Word 'gate' attached to following scandals

6. Nixon greatly increased scepticm and distrust towards the government

7. Government agencies important in revealing the scandal, press also palyed a significant role. Work of Woodward and Bernstein inspired a generation of new reporters to do similar things…


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