Impact of Contagious Diseases Acts


Impact of the CDAs 

Regulated Prostitution 

  • Many women travelled voluntarily to lock hospitals for checks, shows they did work well 
  • Scabies also dropped radically, helping the health of prostitues 
  • Amount of soldies with STDs also dropped, only 37 out of 1,000 had disease in protected ares compared to 194 out of 1000 in unprotected areas 
  • However government didnt actually ask prostitutes their opinion, only doctors and clergymen, so evidence could be unreliable 
  • Also identification of prostitues flawed, law said any woman unaccompanied by a man was a prostitute, led to many cases of mistaken identity 

Medical Examinations and The Speculum 

  • Doctors would use a speculum, very


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