Immunology and Immune Disorders: Adaptive Immunity 2 - antibody diversity

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3 hypervariable regions on each V region (heavy and light). three loops furthest from the constant region (exposed at the end) 

loops of heavy and light chain brought together create antigen binding site.(Fab arm)

C= constant region. 3 regions (IgG,D and A) 4 regions (IgM and E) 

only one V region

V region diversity:

V = variable

J = joining

D = Diversity

feta light chain locus: chromosome 22 - V,Jand C

K light chain locus: chromosome 2 - V,J and C

Heavy chain locus: 14 - V, J, C and D

light chain V region encoded by V and J, C region encoded by a single C gene

main differences in v gene segments are the v gene segments in the sequences that encode the first and second hypervariable regions of the V domain, the third region is determined by V and J. 

Only one light chain loci (k or feta)

v region on heavy chain encoded by one V one J and one D segment. the first two hypervariable regions are encoded by differences in D gene segments and the differences they make in junctions with the V and…


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