Immunity, Vaccinations and Developing Drugs

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Active and Passive Immunity


Your immune system makes it's own antibodies after being stimulated by an antigen. There are two different types:

  • Natural - immune after catching the disease 
  • Artificial - immune after being given a vaccination containing a harmless dose of the antigen


Immunity you get from being given antibodies made by a different organism - immune system doesnt produce antibodies of its own. 

  • Natural - a baby becomes immune due to antibodies recieved from mother through placenta and breast milk.
  • Artificial - you become immune after being injected with antibodies from someone else e.g. tetanus. 


While your B lymphocytes are busy dividing to build up their numbers to deal with a pathogen, you suffer. Vaccines contain antigens that cause your body to produce memory cells against a particular pathogen, without it causing disease. This means you are immune without contracting any symptoms. The antigens may be free or attached to a dead or weakened pathogen. Vaccines can be injected or


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