Immigration to Britain, 1945-75

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Immigrants from the Caribbean: why did they come to Britain?

  • At the end of the second World War, Britain was facing a labour shortage.
  • About 10,000 West Indians troops served successfully in the British armed forces during the Second World War and many saw permanant employment opportunities.
  • Some British companies such as the NHS, London Transport, and the Hotels and Restaurant Association advertised for workers from the Caribbean.
  • Caribbean workers were attracted to Britain because of the success of previous immigrants. Returning workers were positive about their experiences in Britain and earned significantly more than those who stayed in Jamaica and other West Indian islands.
  • Individuals who were interviewed later explained that whilst most were looking for work, many were also looking for adventure.
  • Unemployment in Jamaica and the other and other islands was a big problem. Hurricanes devastated Jamaica in 1944 and in 1951. Then, tourism was not a major industry,andmost earned  poor living from fishing or growing food.
  • There was a…


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Personally, I think Natalie was a little harsh in how she said that...

Anyway, I think what you have is quite good. If you ever get around to finishing this, though, try talking about some of the other people who came during the second world war and stayed after, and how they influenced British culture. e.g. the American airmen.

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