Immanuel Kant

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  • Kant's argument is distinct from the Moral argument. Can it be termed an argument? since he believed that God's existence could only be established through faith, as opposed to logic.
  • He enquired into the relationship between religion and morality. He began by considering his own beliefs about the nature of morality.

Kant's Argument, can be summarised in three stages

  • Morality demands us to aim for the higher good
  • We cannot attain this unless there is a God to assist us
  • God must exist to ensure that we can achieve that which we are duty bound to do

 In a perfect world, behaving morally should lead to happiness, since happiness should be the natural reward of virtue. He considered there must be another way of achieving happiness as this rarely happens in life

Following the above view he reasoned there must be something else that motivates people to behave morally, other than the possibility of immediate happiness. Instead he argued...

  • People must be subject to an objective sense of obligation, which compels them to behave in a certain way (regardless of the consequences)
  • He argued that there were certaub, rationally discoverable laws which we are duty bound to follow (categorical imperatives)

Categorical Imperative * A…




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