Imagery in Isabella: or, The Pot of Basil

Cold imagery connoted with the brothers: ‘marble fount,…lazar stairs,…red-lined accounts’ = very mathematical and cold. Lazar used to be used to describe a leper or a beggar. ‘red-lined accounts’ could be a reference to the blood the brothers spilt for their profits

Contrastingly, luxurious imagery is also connoted with the brothers: ‘soft ascent…songs of Grecian years’

Biblical myth to emphasis the effect of the brothers: ‘Hot Egypt’s pest..’ (verse 18) – refers to the biblical plague which killed thousands 

Imagery connoted with heat in reference to Isabella and Lorenzo’s love: ‘fiery vigil…golden hour…feverish unrest…a richer zest’ = represents the passion of Isabella’s love for Lorenzo. Contrasts the cold imagery seen in verse XVI which describes the house Isabella and her brothers lived in

Imagery of mother/son in Lorenzo and Isabella’s relationship: ‘She calmed its wild


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