Im in paris with you

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In paris with you is a poem written by James Fenton. It is a poem about a man who has just ended with his previous relationship, the use of the line " I admit I'm on the rebound" suggests that a long term relationship has ended and the speaker is enjoying a less serious liaison. The narratoe doesn't want to examine the aftermath of his long term relationship, and just focuses on the present rather than the past or future. The narrator does not want to visit places in Paris, he just simply wants to spend time with his new partner, just live in the moment.

The structure of the poem is set out into 4 stanzas 5-6 lines each and a longer nine line stanza which acts as the chorus, and this is where the mood of the poem changes. half of the poem is leading up to the current situation and the other half is concentrating on living in the now rather then the future or past.

The line " Im in paris with you" could have various different meanings. The use of the repetition could be acting as a refrain, like a catchy line in a song, that emphasises the point that the narrator thinbk about the "now". It could also be hiding a hidden meaning. Becasue of the mans current situation with his break-up, he could be afraid to tell his new partner that he loves her, instead of using the word "love" he replaces the word with paris, implying that he is not confident and cannot let the past go.

The line "Don't talk to me of love" is the




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