IGCSE Chemistry Wrongly-Answered Questions v1.1

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  • A molecule is made up of several atoms covalently bonded together.
  • A diatomic molecule occurs when there are 2 atoms in a molecule (eg. carbon monoxide, oxygen molecules).
  • Metal atoms form a lattice structure when they lose their valence electrons.  In the metallic lattice, there is an attraction between the fixed cations and the 'sea' of electrons.
  • As solids melt, the particles which are tightly-packed in fixed positions gain heat energy which is converted to kinetic energy to allow the particles to vibrate more vigorously and take up more space.
  • Acid + Ammonia goes to Ammonium Salt.
  • Metalloids are hard, brittle, have high melting points and boiling points, are poor conductors of heat and electricity.
  • Most metal hydroxides thermally decompose to water and their oxide (except potassium…


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