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What is Identity?

Identity is how the individual sees themselves, and how others perceive them. Identity is socially constructed through the socialisation process rather than from biology or nature

Personal Identity is the way in which we view ourselves

Social Identity is what social group we can relate to e.g. male or female

Collective Identity is one which you can choose e.g. Goth


  • Individuals construct their own identity through interactions with others and the culture in which they live

  • Mead claims we develop an identity through the development of self-concept; which Cooley calls 'looking glass self'. This is the idea that others reflect our identity back to us – like a mirror

  • The way we manage the impressions we give is called 'Impression Management. This is the idea from Goffman which states that we use our body language and clothing to convince others we have a certain identity

  • However, impression management isn't always effective because of