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Input- Mouse - It is easy to use and most housholds have one with their computer and they can also be cheap. It has a wire which may get in the way and they can be easily broken if anything is spilt in them

Monitor - Lets you see and access all your data. Its not portable and they be very expensive.

Scanner - Easy to put important doctuments on the computers.The Quality of the pciture/ images isnt very good.

Joystick- Easier to play games on the computer and easier to control the movement on gun games or any other actions games., If its wired, its not portable and they can be heavy.

Graphics Tablet- Easier to draw with and add more detail to your pictures as it allows you to add lots of detail. Cant input text onto the images.

Plotter - Can print large images/doctuments and allows you to print details plans of building or computers. It can only print very large doctuments and they are very loud.

Tracker Ball - Easier to use for


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