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Module 1

1. What is this a definition of “Access to continuing education and training is important for all grades of laboratory staff and participation in Continuing Professional Development schemes is a method of achieving this for relevant staff groups”?

CPD (UK) Ltd Standard B9.

2. What are the 3Rs described in Module 1 Roles and Responsibilities?

Roles, Responsibilities and Relationship Interactions.

3. What discipline requires a training officer and what qualifications should they have?

Cytology, appropriate screening qualifications.

4. What level of education should a Training Manager have?

Higher Specialist Level.

5. What are the requirements for someone with a delegated responsibility for training?

HPC registered Member of IBMS (MIBMS).

Minimum 3 years post-registration experience in an Institute approved training laboratory.

Scientific first degree.

Desirable that they hold an Institute recognised training management qualification.

Successful record of achievement in CPD.

6. What do people with a delegated responsibility for training do?

Support the training manager in the development of a training policy and training manual.

In co-operation with the Training Manager they provide guidance and advice.

They are the focus for delivering the training strategy and programme for pre-registration training and assessment within the laboratory.

7. Describe the Training Manager?

Source of information and direction for the other members of the organisation.

8. What are the 4 training categories?

Mandatory training.

Training for immediate job requirements.

Training for future job requirements.

Personal aspirations and development needs.

9. What are the 2 broad categories of mandatory training?

Education, Training or Development required by the Trust.

Training courses essential for registered practitioners to be considered safe to practice.

10. What is an example of essential mandatory training?

Cytology update courses.

11. What does CPA standard A11 state?

The Quality Management System be reviewed.

12. What CPA standards should be addressed in the Training Managers annual report?



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