I Wanna Be Yours


I Wanna Be Yours

Ideas/ theme - It is often said that poetry should be heard rather than read and Clarke’s poetry becomes very different when ingested this way. The poems are read in a style that could almost be called singing (albeit terribly out of tune singing!) and in a thick Northern English accent. Interestingly the narrator echoes what he wants to become for this person that they desire.

Language - Cooper Clarke follows in the tradition of metaphysical poets who often chose unlikely objects to serve as metaphors for love.

                  -  Many of the articles the narrator refers to are everyday household items such as a "vacuum cleaner‟ and an "electric heater‟. These mundane objects suggest that the narrator wants to be part of their love‟s everyday life and that they want to be present with them in a homely, lasting relationship

                  - Other everyday items such as the "setting lotion‟ and the "raincoat‟ are more intimate as they are used or worn on the body, suggesting the narrator wants to be physically close to their love. 

                  - All of these items also share something else in common, they are all useful, essential even, to modern life in Britain, suggesting that the narrator wants to be supportive and helpful because they are devoted to the object of their affection.

                  - Most of the objects referenced in the poem can be purchased to become the possessions of one person; by constantly stating "i wanna be yours’, the narrator is humbling themselves to the point where they are another commodity to be owned.

                  - Several of the objects, especially the "electric meter‟, and the popular "ford cortina‟ set a working-class atmosphere for…


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