'I Look Into My Glass' Analysis

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Content: a man fear of losing his virility (manliness and strength).

Purpose: to show that your youth and looks are easily lost to time.

Theme- time, looks.

Paragraph 1:

A sad mood is introudced when the poet looks into the mirrror.

'Wasting skin'- he looks thin, decay of his body.

"Would God it came to pass"- dialogue to show his shock.

"My heart has shrunk as thin"- he still has feeling and cares for people.

'My wasting skin' and 'my heart' are ironic as even though he looks old and his skin is dying, his heart lives and is still strong.

Paragraph 2:

The poet wants to not be able to feel love so that he is not emotional when he dies.

'Hearts grown cold to me'- people do not care about/love him.

'Could lonely wait my endless rest'- he wants to meet death with no emotions but he cannot because he…


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