Hydrogen Bonding

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A Hydrogen Bond is a strong dipole-dipole attraction between an electron-deficient hydrogen atom of -NH, -OH or HF on one molecule, and a lone pair of electrons on a highly electronegative atom containing N, O or F in a different molecule.

A Hydrogen Bond is a type of permanent dipole-dipole interaction found between molecules containing:

  • An electronegative atom with a lone pair of electrons - Nitrogen, Oxygen or Fluorine
  • A Hydrogen atom attached to an electronegative atom - H-O, H-N, H-F
  • The Hydrogen bond usually acts between a lone pair of electrons on an electronegative atom in one molecule, and a Hydrogen atom in a different molecule.

Hydrogen Bonds are the strongest type of intermolecular attractions. When drawing a Hydrogen Bond, you have to:

  • Draw the lone pairs on the electronegative…


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