Hurricane Sandy

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Superstorm Sandy

Key Facts

·         Affected 24 states

·         Damage in the US estimated at over $63 billion

·         Vulnerable Coastline due to:

o   Coast from Delaware to Rhode Island is densely populated

o   Large areas of expensive coastal property very close to sea level

o   Many recreational and tourist resorts with beach front infrastructure such as hotels and amusement parks

o   Numerous barrier islands which are unstable, prone to storm surges and wave erosion, and hard to evacuate during rescue phase


October 22nd- Sandy developed from a tropical wave in the western Caribbean sea

                           6 hours later upgraded to a Tropical Storm Sandy

October 24th- Sandy became a hurricane, made landfall near Kingston, Jamaica and strengthened to a category 2 with winds of 130km/h

October 25th- Sandy hit Cuba, then weakened to category 1 with winds of 175km/h

October 26th- Sandy moved through the Bahamas

October 27th- Sandy briefly weakened to a category 1 hurricane

October 29th- Sandy curved north-northwest and then moved ashore near Atlantic City

                           Storm surge hit New York City                 


·         Caribbean and Bermuda

o   October 22nd issued a tropical storm watch

o   October 23rd upgraded to a Tropical storm warning

o   Many residents stocked up on supplies and reinforced roofing material

o   People were urged to take care of their neighbours, especially the elderly, children and disabled

o   Schools, government buildings and the airport in Kingston shut down

o   Early curfews were put in place to protect residents, properties and to prevent crime

·         United States

o   East Coast attempted to head off long-term power failures by being prepared to repair storm damage and employees working longer hours

o   Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) monitored Sandy

o   Flight cancellations put in place

o   National Guard and U.S Air Force put as many as 45,000 personnel in at least seven states on alert for possible duty in response to the preparations and aftermath of Sandy

o   Florida- Closure and cancellations of activities in schools

o   Carolinas- Tropical storm watch was issued. National park service closed at least 5 sections

o   Washington, D.C- October 26th declared state of emergency. Metro service, both rail and bus was cancelled on October 29ths due to expected high winds

o   Maryland- State of emergency announced October 26th, Residents were evacuated with the assistance of the Maryland Natural Resources Police, 2 shelters were opened. Maryland Transit Administration cancelled all services for October 29th and 30th.



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