Hurricane Katrina Case Study

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Hurricane Katrina

  • Costliest and one of the most deadliest hurricanes of all time.
  • $80 billion dollars worth of damage.
  • At least 1800 people died, with 1500 from Louisiana.

Impact on Florida

First made landfall on the 25th August in southern Florida as a category 1 hurricane.

It caused heavy rainfall and a storm surge of 3-5 metres high, as well as 80 mph wind speeds. Resulting in flooding and structural damage, with a total of 11 deaths.

As the hurricane crosses the gult of mexiico,it upgrades to category 5 hurricane due to the little land mass, and high levels of warm water, as it reaches land it downgrades to a category four and hits Louisiana.

By the 26th of August, one day after first hitting florida the possibilty of catacalysm was being considered, a day later President Bush declared state of emergency for Louisiana,Alabama and Missippippi.

On the 28th, the president of new orleans ordered evacuation.

80% of the population managed to leave by car or bus, however 150,000 remained.

Refugees who had been 'left behind' where encouraged to take shelter and protection in the Superdome, with enough food and water being supplied for three days.

On the 29th Hurricane Katrina made its second landfall on Louisianna as a category 4 hurricane.

A 8.5 metre storm surge hit the coast of Louisianna, breaking the exsisting levees that where protecting the low lying city of New Orleans.

Wind speeds reached 145mph, tearing down power lines.

Torrential rain of up to 300mm, caused flooding, washing away infrastructure,vehicles and other infrastructure.

Storm surge smashed the entire coast of mississippi as it passed though, with 90% of buildings within…


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