Hurricane Hits England- Grace Nichols

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Hurricane Hits England- Grace Nichols

  • About 1987 Great Storm in England
  • Stanzas and lines vary in length to show unpredictability
  • Present tense to involve you
  • Title- "Hurricane Hits England"- alliteration- news headline
  • 4. "Howling ship of the wind"- metaphor to capture the wildness of the hurricane
  • 6. "Like some dark ancestral spectre"- sinister family ghost- simile to capture fear
  • 7. "Fearful and reassuring"- paradox to show writers mixed emotions, ambiguous feelings, confusion- haunting
  • 8+9. "Talk to me Huracan, Talk to me Oya"- Gods and Goddesses- personifies- come from homeland like family. Chant- desperation and frustration
  • 12. "Sweeping back home cousin"- swift movement-hurricane. Taking her home- memory
  • 13+14. "Tell


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