Humanistic approach

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- The humanistic approach is based on the idea that we have a natural tendency to grow and develop as peope psychologically. 

- Maslow and Carl Rogers both make up the theory and ideas. 

Marslow's Hierachy of needs: 

- The hierachy of needs draws attention to the needs that need to be met in order of priority to become a fully complete person. There are six types: 

1) Physiological needs: Are basic needs such as the need of air , water , food , shelter. These needs have to be met before we can expect to meet our other needs. 

2) Safety needs: We need next to avoid pain and harm , we need to be safe. 

3) Belongingness: This refers to our need to belong and feel secure, this need is likely to be met first within our family.

4) Love needs: Once we feel secure and we belong , we need to love and be loved in return. 

5) Self esteem: We need to feel that we are worthwhile. Self esteem develops as we become more competent and independent and from the recognition we get from other people. 

6) Self - actualisation: These needs come at the top of the pyramid and refer to our need to become whole. 

Self - actualisation: 

Self actualisation is the process of becoming a whole complete person. Maslow researched a list of features that people who are complete havev in common. 

-Spontaneous and uncoventional 

- Identify with others and genuinely want to help them 

- Tend to have close relationships with few people only

- Appreciation of people is fresh , not steriotyped 

- Sense of humour is based on seeing jokes in


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