Human VS Apes

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Foreman Magnum: (hole where spinal cord passes)

  • Ape-Lies towards the rear, which means large neck muscles are required to prevent the head from sagging forwards.
  • Human-Lies more or less in the centre of the skull. Therefore skull is balanced on the first neck vertebra little muscular energy is used to support the skull, neural spines and nuclal crest are correspondingly small.


  • Ape-Single gentle curve
  • Human-'S' shaped, enabling he weight of upper body to be carried nearly directly above the hip joints.


  • Ape-Long
  • Human-Forms a bowl shaped which is support for the abdominal organs. Its reduced height brings the sacro-ilias joint closer to the hip joint. Reduced stress on part of the ilimtial transmit entire height of the upper body from backbone to the hip joint.


  • Ape-Not in line with the hip grindle making it harder when they have to walk(that is why they sway from side to side)
  • Human-Knee is nearly precisely under (in-line) with the hip grindle which enables them to have more balance. 


  • Ape-They use their foot to grasp onto branches and such.
  • Human-Use their feet to push


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