Human Rights Act


Human Rights Act 1998

Human rights are a right that everyone has irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, age or class. They promote and encourage acceptance of others.

Any organisations that carry out a public function or that carry out work in a public area will have to take human rights into consideration when planning and implementing their work.

Article 2: The right to life - There are very few reasons why someone should take the life of another.

Article 4: The prohibition of slavery and forced labour – Individuals cannot be forced to work or be treated like a slave or subjected to treatment to punishment that is inhumane or degrading.

Article 5: The right to liberty and security – An individual cannot be detained or deprived of their freedom except if they have been involved in a crime or are considered to be mentally unstable and a danger to themselves and others.

Article 6: The right to a fair trial – Everyone has the right to a fair public hearing within a reasonable period of time.

Article 8: The right to respect privacy and family life – Only in the interests of public


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