Human Populations

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Human Population Growth is Calculated using Birth and Death Rates

Population Growth Rate (per 1000 people per year)=birth rate - death rate

  • Human population size is constantly changing, this depends on birth and death rates
  • Birth Rate - number of live births a year for every 1000 people in the population (10/1000 birth rate would mean 10 live births a year)
  • Death Rate - number of people that die per year for every 1000 people in the population.

The Demographic Transition Model show trends in Human Populations

( demographic transition model (DTM) is a graph that shows changes in birth rate, death rate and total population size for a human population over a long amount of time, it has 5 stages:

Stage One:

  • Birth and death rate fluctuate at a high level, population stays low
  • Birth rate is high due to no birth control or family planning, education is poor. 
  • Lots of children die young (high infant mortality) so parents have more children so enough survive to work on farms and look after them .
  • Death rate is high because there's poor health care sanitation and diet so there's lots of disease and starvation

 Stage Two:

  • Death rate falls, birth rate stays high, population rapidly increases
  • Death…


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