How important do you think social class is in An Inspector Calls and how does Priestley present ideas about social class? (30 marks) SPaG: (4 marks) by Renee Mattis

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Social class in important in An Inspector Calls. This is because the Birling family all helped to contribute to Eva's suicide. If all the characters didn't think that class was important, Eva would be alive.

The older characters, Mr and Mrs Birling who mainly care about class. This is because they are very old fashioned and traditional. Mr Birling keen to be knighted to show his hard-fought rise to the upper class. He also wants Sheila to marry Gerald, whose father is a successful businessman. Mr Birling says "I'm sure she'll make you happy." 'Happy' suggests that he will look after her by loving her but also supporting her financially. Eva was cheap labour to Mr Birling and thinks they should "work for the lowest possible wages". 'Lowest' suggests that Mr Birling doesn't care about his workers who are lower than him.

Mrs Birling refused to help Eva because she used her name. She likes gossip as she heard that a respectable man, Alderman Meggarty,



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