How I structure language and mode questions

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Structure as two seperate essays when talking about text A and B

Written / Spoken ****
Standard / Non-standard
Formal / Informal ****
Permanent / Ephemeral ****
Distant / Close ****
Delayed / Immediate ****
Planned / Unplanned
Transactional / Interactional

Text A


  • Wether it is written/spoken mode
  • Breifly talk about whether it is distant/permanent etc, the ones I have starred at the top of the page as these are not things you can give examples for
  • The audience of the text
  • The purpose and how this fits the audience

The body of the essay:

  • I would pick out three or so devices from the text such as noun/adjective/verb and talk about these in septerate paragraphs, remembering to use exact terminology


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