How effective a political leader was Stanley Baldwin?


How effective a political leader was Stanley Baldwin?


  • **** Leonard believed that Baldwin was 'a thoroughly decent man, probably in the nicest. Baldwin campaigned on a platform of Safety first despite the economic difficulties'.
  • Capable of decisive action during a crisis and knew how to exploit politicians vanity and ambitions to gain support. Because of his apparent lack of ambition he was trusted by everyone. He was a natural broadcaster who used the new medium more effectively than any politicians in the 1920's.
  • Spoke out against DLG at the Carlton Club in 1922 as a result of this 187 to 87 voted not to keep DLG as their leader. Called DLG 'a dynamic force', who would split the Conservative Party as he split the Liberals.
  • He believed in democracy which was demonstrated when he gave women the vote. It was further developed in the Tariff Election and the Miners Negotiations. 
  • Baldwin extended social reforms, more than any other Conservative leader. His second Conservative government was responsible for several notable achievements, the Locarno non-aggression pact, expansion of pensions and house building, local government reform and extending the right to vote to women aged over 21. Baldwin's particular concern was to reduce social tensions and secure industrial peace. 
  • In the 1920's he sought to prevent class conflict and mix the Labour movement into the party system and, in the 1930's, he became an international figure in the defence of democratic and


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