How do we prove things exist?

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  • Personal experience - 'I've seen it'
  • Reliable evidence - ' I haven't seen it but other people have convinced me that it exists'
  • Chain of reasoning to reach a conclusion - 'I haven't seen it but there must be a logical reason to believe in its existence'

Example: The Loch Ness Monster:

  • People have seen it 
  • People accept acocunts and evidence of sightings from other people
  • With all the sightings it seems more likely that there is one than isn't

People reject it because:

  • No evidence for themselves
  • Don't accept other evidence-think it's lies,hallucinations,mistakes,wanting to fool others
  • They think that without any proof it's not logical to accept its existence

How do we prove God's existence?:

  • People are certain…


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