How do infections get in our bodies? (B1)

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How do infections enter our body?

  • Respiratory system - droplet infection - colds, flu
  • Eating contaminated food - salmonella
  • Through cuts and wounds - tetanus
  • Sexual conact - herpes
  • Contaminated needles - HIV

How our body prevents viruses getting in:

  • Mucas in the trachea traps bacteria
  • Acid in stomach kills bacteria
  • Blood clots form scabs over cuts
  • Dead skin cells on surface stop bacteria getting in

Why do infections make us ill?

Pathogens invade and reproduce in our body tisues and cells. This often damages or destroys them.

Some pathogens release poisons called toxins that make us feel ill. 

Fighting Disease:

Our body tries to sstop infections getting in but if they do we have lots of dfferent ways to kill them. Phagocytes in our body engulf the bad bacteria and digest…


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