How did the colld war develop?

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-Teheran Conference - 1943

- Between Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

- the USSR would declare war on Japan once Germany was defeated.

- Poland should be given more land from Germany, but give some to the USSR.

- Dissagreement - Churchill wanted to invade the Balkans to stop the Soviet advance in Eastern Europe. Stalin opposed it and Roosevelt opposed it as he thought invading the Balkans would weaken the allied forces by splitting them up too much.

Yalta Conference - 1945

 Between Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt

- When Germany is defeated they would be demilitarised, reduced in size and have to pay reperations.

- The Nazi party would be banned and any war criminals would be tried in front of a internation court.

- Poland should be in the Soviet sphere of influence but run on a broader democratic basis.

- mainly successfull because of the relationship between Stalin and Roosevelt established at the Teheran conference.

- Britain and the USA were reluctant to let Poland become communist.

- Stalin wanted Poland  as a buffer between the USSR and the west.

Potsdam Conference - 1945

Between Churchill, Stalin and Truman.

- reduce the size of Germany.

- Divide Germany into four zones controlled by Britain, USSR, USA and France.

- Divide Berlin into four zones despite it being deep into the USSRs part of Germany.

- The USA wanted to rebuild Germany whereas the USSR wanted to impose heavy reperations onto them. as a compromise each country took reperations from their zone. this was not good for Stalin though as his part of Germany was much poorer than the rest,

- their was tension over the atomic bomb. The USA had an atomic bomb which could wipe out the whole of the USSR, so Truman thought he bossed the conference. In response to this Stalin created a buffer zone - a communist area in Eastern Europe between the USSR and the capatilist west.

The Long Telegram - 1946

A secret report from an American ambassador to Truman, it said:

- Stalin had given a speech calling for the destruction of capatilsm.

- There could be no peace with the USSR while it opposed capatilism.

- the USSR was building up its military power.

Novikovs telegram - 1946

A secret report from a Soviet ambassador to Stalin, it said:

- America desired to dominate the world.

- Following Roosevelts death America no longer wanted co-operation with the USSR.

- the American public were being prepared for war with the USSR.

Following the telegrams both government believed that they were facing the possiablilty of war.

The Truman Doctine - 1947

After the war many countries were devestated with their citizens facing many hardships such as Italy and Greece. in these times communism was higlhy appealingbecause they believed that the money from the rich should be shared with the poor. in response Truman made a Doctine it said:

- The world had a choice between communist tyranny and democratic freedom.

- America


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