How accurate is it to say that the lend-lease programme was the most important reason for the USSR's victory in WW2?

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It can be argued that the lend lease programme was important to a certain extent for enabling the USSR's victory in WW2, however other factors such as the general winter, wartime economy, Nazi racism and Hitler's misjudgements must be considered.

Firstly, the USSR developped a highly effective wartime economy which allowed them to secure their victory in 1945. With Stalin's five year plans, the USSR was able to prepare the economy for war. There was an issue at the start of the war as the production for the five year plans had been sited in the west of the Urals which was vunerable to German attack but the USSR rapidly rolocated industries eastwards so that these could not be destroyed by German invasion thus the production was successful. Production of armaments almost doubled between 1941-44 which allowed the USSR to fight successfully but the same could not be said for the Germans. The Nazi system was unable to produce armaments on a scale necessary to defeat Russia. This was further helped by the relocation of the USSR's industry as they were unable to capatilise on resources as factories had moved to the east.Moreover, the Nazi economic boss made many eocnomic mistakes such as opposing mass production of aircraft planes which meant that Germany was producing less than 1,000 per month thus it was inevitable that the USSR would win world war 2. Therefore, the  preparation of the USSR's economy was crucial to enable the USSR to win.In addition to the…


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