How Accountable is Government in UK Democracy?

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Points to consider:

  • Elections - FPTP, large numbers not necessarily represented 
  • Voting restrictions - Over 18, no lords, lunatics, criminals
  • Fixed term parliament Act 2011


  • Parliament should answer for their actions to public, infers removable
  • 19th century philosopher Rousseau put concisely, 'the people of England believe they are free. They are seriously mistaken. They are only free during the election of members of Parliament
  • The idea that representatives are not truly accountable. If they vote against the wishes of the electorate, citizens have to wait until the next general election to remove them 
  • Government should be held to account by Parliament, in particular by HM opposition; how effectively is this done?
  • Lord Hailsham, 1976, described government as an 'elected dictatorship'. His


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