How a Christian Upbringing would lead to belief in God

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A Christian upbringing helps make religious belief in God seem natural because :

1) The child's parents would tell the chidren about God. Children believe what is told to them by their parents and this could encourage belief in God.

2) Christian parents usually teach their children how to pray to God. This shows that prayer is a natural and important part of their lives and helps to encourage belief in God.

3) Going to Sunday School would teach the children about God. This is important because children would know why Christians believe in God and what they believe about him.

4) Going to Church would encourage belief in God. Seeing devout Christians praying and doing religious activities may help to make a child belief in God.

The Numinous and belief in God : 

Numinous - The feeling of something greater than you.

How a numinous experience may help in belief to God : 

Father Yves Dubois had a numinous…


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