How To Save CPU From Overheating


Written by Daniel White of

CPU knows as central processing unit is the most important part of any computer or any digital system.A CPU is like a brain of the computer.It performs all the calculations that are needed to execute a pair of commands.Basically CPU is a a chip located below the heat sink on the motherboard of your computer.When CPU is under work it generates heat whic is caught by the heatsink and thrown away by fan.So air flow is balanced.However in most cases CPU overheats and due to this a much part of CPU is damaged.So to avoid CPU overheating here are some steps to keep your CPU cool.

1.Clean Your Computer : dust is the enemy of every computer system.It keep collecting on the circuits and around the cpu which blocks the air flow and results in high cpu temperatures therefore damaging the cpu circuits.The best way to tackle this problem is to clean your cpu and motherboard with a soft brush every month.If your cpu is dust free then it will work without any problem. 

2.Do Not Block Air Around Cabinet : your pc cabinet should get proper air from the front side.Cool air enters the cabinet from front and cools the system environment.So your room should be properly ventilated.Open any closed doors or windows.If you have an air conditioner in your room then keep it at room temperature i.e. 24 degreeC. 

3.Keep Heat Sink Clean : the computer's heat sink catches a lot


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