How to Improve Your Online Presence

Not only is there a 68% chance that a potential employer will look you up on Facebook, there’s also a 33% chance they will reject your application based on something they found out about you online. Gone are the days where the only information an employer could find out about you was what you put on your CV. Unless you live off the grid and don’t engage in any form of social media (which is highly unlikely), you need to make sure the information about you online paints you in a good light. So where do you start with improving your online presence?

Check Your Facebook

First things first, go straight to your privacy settings and make sure any images, posts and information private unless you wouldn’t mind a potential employer seeing it. You’re allowed to be picky – there’s no need to hide the photos if you building a school in Uganda or of you and your parents on your graduation day. These will only go to help your cause and present a great picture of you. It’s all about using common sense and saving photos of you being daft with your mates for friend’s eyes only. If a recruiter wants to find out more about you on social media, encourage them to do so by building a great LinkedIn profile or having a professional and active Twitter account. The reason most employers go straight for Facebook is because…


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