How to Do a Capstone Project Step By Step

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A capstone project is an academic paper that usually serves a summary of the experience of a student. It is generally written in the final year of middle or high school or as part of a college or university course. It is most usually assigned to courses such as nursing, engineering, IT, business among others.

What Is Unique About a Capstone Project?

It sums up the competencies and skills of a student acquired during the course. This paper is usually presented in different forms namely: case studies, research papers, surveys, focus groups, outcome-based-evaluation among others.

The complexity and type are dependent upon the tutor's course and requirements. The student will be required to pick a topic that is relevant to their coursework and write a paper.

A capstone project is connected with future specialization and usually requires essential skills in teamwork, critical and analytical thinking and public speaking.

How Long Is a Capstone Project?

Its length will be determined by a tutor's requirements and could be 40 pages or more on approximation.

How to Write a Capstone Project Paper

1.      Think of a Topic

It is essential to think of the topic right from the start. Take notes of ideas that come up during the lectures. Think mostly of topics that interested you the most and which seem more manageable. Make inquiries and consult widely on faculty members who have dealt with the topic previously.

2.      Come Up With a Capstone Project Proposal

Before you begin writing your paper, you will be required to submit a proposal to your tutor. The proposal will be 200 pages or more. The following points are important as you write the capstone project proposal:

Ø  Indicate the topic you have chosen and why you have picked it

Ø  Write about the background and experience in the specific topic

Ø  Highlight the extent of information available and informational sources

Ø  Talk about the research you intend to conduct for the project and the methods you will employ

Ø  List required human subject and workplace approvals

Ø  Set objectives for the project

In instances where a broader proposal is needed, a literature review and methodology will be necessary. Always ensure you have included everything about the topic for the proposal to be accepted.

3.      Gather Information



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