How to create the perfect Essay... Using PEA or not!

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Don't worry about writing essays, they aren't scary and don't be intimidated by large, scary, hard words. Follow this guide and you'll be a pro!

When writing your introduction you must:

  • Be objective
  • Be balanced with what you are writing
  • Do not use first person or state your opinion

Introduction: (Must Include)

-Thesis statment

  • Provide some background info
  • Must be an overview (Do not zoom into the character too much- save this for the main body and analytical part of the essay!)
  • if it is about a character refer to their personality/characteristics previously or after or state the development that character has made (Bildungsroman) - Check the definition on Google.

-Smaller Argument (If you are having trouble it is a good idea to make a very quick brainstorm of adjectives on the character or the setting (whatever your extract/novel is about) this way you'll be able to use the adjectives in the…


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